62. love verses ego.

Love versus ego. Are we talking about the same thing? The love I am talking about indeed has so many qualities. It has strenght because its source is endless. It is fearless because it knows. […]

72. Mirror of truth.

1). To set points on a universal blueprint so it becomes easier to join them together and see the whole picture. 2).Insights that will lead to a heightened awareness and ability to clean your inner […]

82.the unseen world.

Even though there are several articles, I wish to write about the inner journey. I would like to start with a different subject today. Many of you will be somewhat familiar with the principles of […]

Oct, 23

182. Christ the Alchemist.

They say that when the student is ready the master appears in alchemy there is a story of a stranger who has a stone that enables him to turn base metals to noble one,s gold […]

Jun, 11

282. the maths of the torus universe.

Does the mathematics add up? Is the bible really revealing the very structure of creation other then in words only? And is the torus as shown on truth and revelations “ the star of Bethlehem” […]

Mar, 23

382. the way to meditation, a way of life.

  People that are scared are recognized by the brain/ego long before someone has looked at a person consciously by their body language. That our brains and the storage in the subconscious can see before […]

Feb, 12

482.If seeing is believing.

  In order to even recognize truth, we need to know it first. We seek answers in effects but never find the true cause. Scientist are seeking what is dubbed the God Particle that gives […]

Jan, 30