About us

Truth & revelations website is sponsored by the Truth & Revelations Foundation, its aim is to spiritually awaken and unite mankind through publications, lectures, films, interviews, articles and courses. With your help Truth & Revelations Foundation will realize a spiritual center, A home to truth seekers and those who are working towards its aim.
Mankind has tried to satisfy mind and body, businesses used it to push their products to a point that man’s value became dependent on keeping up, fashion, fame, power and money, as this became unattainable for more and more people a growing group came to realize that they need new insights, a different path “ the inner path” but here again businesses saw an opportunity, spirituality has become a business, but when you look closely it is still about satisfying mind and body/feeling.
To solve the problems the world is facing, you can not use the knowledge that has caused it in the first place. Mankind has grown up to learn and see differences, learned to differentiate, in the world of outer appearances to which feeling belongs too.
How can feeling belong to the outer world of appearances you might ask? Because of the connections it has with the outer world that triggers feelings. To really unite and end suffering, to come home and know it for the first time as the home of true lasting happiness they will need to realize and acknowledge that they are slave of seeking to satisfy the self created ideas through personal thoughts/ feelings and experiences. In order to see the deeper messages both in life and holy scriptures which use the known to build an idea of the unknown through parables and metaphors, the point of focus needs to shift “ to be in it but not of it” to protect the seeker the Truth & Revelations Foundation will provide guidance through insights that enables the true seeker to reach its highest potential.
The aim is not to believe or follow but to develop the eyes and ears to see and hear for themselves. To become true masters of their own destiny.
The Truth & Revelations Foundation is looking for people and organizations to join in and assist in this important work. The Truth & Revelations Foundation will create a board of its members that will certify company’s organizations and individuals who’s aim is to free mankind of its bonds. The Truth & Revelations Foundation will also offer its services as an advisory to governments, human right organizations, human aid organizations, animal, environmental, medical and scientific organizations who’s aim is the realization of the much needed change.
Mankind was given laws as guidelines to protect himself and his fellowman from suffering, but the recognition and realization of the insights in his heart will set him free.
In the fire of wisdom burns the flame of love for all.

Walk the talk

Not just lip service but in your actions lies the proof of your spiritual growth.

Be the change you have wished for and participate .

Truth & Revelations Foundation