182. Christ the Alchemist.

They say that when the student is ready the master appears in alchemy there is a story of a stranger who has a stone that enables him to turn base metals to noble one,s gold […]

Jun, 11

282. the maths of the torus universe.

Does the mathematics add up? Is the bible really revealing the very structure of creation other then in words only? And is the torus as shown on truth and revelations “ the star of Bethlehem” […]

Mar, 23 contemplate.

  Religion comes from the root of the Latin words “Re” and “Ligare” which mean Re-Connect… or join together. Solomon said: The Glory of God is the keeping of a matter secret, and the glory […]

Jul, 03

288.The Magus of Magnetis

  An Interview With Dr. Percy Seymour An Astronomer’s Magnetic Theory of Astrology and How Planetary Motion Orchestrates Solar Activity and Geomagnetism. by Bronwyn Elko for the The Mountain Astrologer magazine. Since the dawn of […]

Apr, 30

282.Octaeteris the cycle of 8.

  In astronomy, an octaeteris (plural: octaeterides) is the period of eight solar years after which the moon phase occurs on the same day of the year plus one or two days. This period is […]

Mar, 06

280. Proof, mysterious object discovered in the centre of the milky way.

And more insights into astrology. The date is 10-9-2010 With the help of the space telescope Fermi, astronomers were able to register a structure spanning 50.000 light years across. They say that they see two […]

Jan, 25
278.the real Bible code.

278.the real Bible code.

  The truth could walk among man and was not recognized, this is mentioned several times in the bible, Luke 24:13-35, John 21:4, Mark 9:32, John 20:15, and if you look at the explanations on […]

Nov, 03


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