582. A Matter of Consciousness.

  We are searching happiness, satisfaction. We try to satisfy our desires, our longings. We seek it through religion or science and material things and we cling on to things and thoughts, our personalised believe […]

Jan, 07 · in Psychology,Spiritual

682.the science of uniting .

  9 years ego I wrote the first articles after a 7 year period of isolation, concentration, contemplation and letting go, where during that time raising out the darkness felt impossible or staggeringly slow at […]

782. the Code.

  The Code is a mathematics-based documentary for BBC Two presented by Marcus du Sautoy, beginning on 27 July 2011. Each episode covers a different branch of mathematics. As well as being a documentary, The […]

Sep, 29 contemplate.

  Religion comes from the root of the Latin words “Re” and “Ligare” which mean Re-Connect… or join together. Solomon said: The Glory of God is the keeping of a matter secret, and the glory […]

Jul, 03

288.The Magus of Magnetis

  An Interview With Dr. Percy Seymour An Astronomer’s Magnetic Theory of Astrology and How Planetary Motion Orchestrates Solar Activity and Geomagnetism. by Bronwyn Elko for the The Mountain Astrologer magazine. Since the dawn of […]

Apr, 30

287. Who are you?

  The soul. Who am I? What am I? Am I the body, mind or something more? These are the age old questions that every philosopher throughout the ages has tried to grasp and understand. […]

Apr, 30

286.there can only be one.

  A master mason 33 degree. The esoteric teachings are so carefully concealed that the casual reader is not even aware of its existence, let alone concealment. Only when it is recognized that the Biblical […]

Apr, 28